Marcellvs L. & Munan Øvrelid

Balbakken, Oktober – April 2012 – 2013. To create the work, the two artists began with studies made by Nils Øvrelid, a retired mathematician, who spends part of his spare time observing birds. During the winter of 2012–2013 he methodically recorded the different actions of the birds in the tree in his yard: their relations with the alterations of temperature, the types and number of birds, the time and duration of their stay and the amount of food distributed and eaten. These observations and calculations resulted in a graphic that summarized the life around the tree during the winter. Based on this information the artist duo composed seven sound pieces, corresponding to the months of October to April, based on the sounds of the respective birds organised according to a system of sonic translations carried out on the basis of the graphic of the birds’ behavior.