Ben Cottrell


To the neck of the wood


The consuming eye!
Lumps of heaven and the cartwheel night
Petal faced star, liquefying sun, valley gorge and river gush
Spectral hair, yearning ghost of chance

Molten coin in a darling monster loop
The sunflower hour, falling apart, stands up, barrels about
Grain of stars, hair on end, laughing, suffering
Mouth, eye, breast, tumbling

Tricorn brim, rustic nerve, green fur corner, zig zag curve

Gluey dagger in the soft phantasma
Colour ritual and wayward flower

Oh vampiric charms!

The carriage cock crows, the moon a milky scythe

Soaked, dusk spitting, whipped by the wind
Ropey lunar hoop, lashed to the mist
Saintly circle´s song to the ecstasies of the wood

Sun drunk lord cut a dizzy tree
Column of chops. Hairy heaven. One, two, and three
Tangled green dream, wooden flow, pile ´o´stones, blushing steam

Lusty mad Oak! Spells are to be broken!

Sunlight cracks like a flower, guts hanging in a stone circle grin
Flames seek the dry wood

Mother Nature, chartreuse heart, splash toxic, Earth and Pop!
To the applause of magenta hooves……

List of works:
Harvest Head, 2014
Village Fate, 2011
The Mount and the Countess, 2011
Untitled, 2011
Seer, 2011
Earth Goddess Dissolve, 2011
Saintly Circle’s Song to the Ecstasies of the Wood, 2014